Monday, March 7, 2011

Back in Singapore

Hi from Singapura!

It's good to be back home! やっぱ家が一番! After being away from home for a while, I have learned to appreciate the simple little things at home, such as my neighbourhood (which is awesome!) and yummy hawker food (cheap!). 

Lotsa greenery in my hood! BBQ pits and jogging tracks come with. 

Economic fried noodles with fried chicken wing and otah (spicy fish cake) and lotsa chilli. 

Fried carrot cake! 

Sneak peek of my Singapore home. 
Wall display of our Sylvanian collection and the cat carpet I lugged back all the way from Tokyo! 

Here is one of our 6 cats - Butter! She loves the new carpet! 

This may sound cliche but there is no place like home! It's so nice to be surrounded by people, animals and things you love!

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