Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hello Spring!


Yay! Spring is officially here! 2 days ago the temperature was up to a nice 19°C.  But yesterday, it dipped to 10°C in a single day! Seow one lah! But today it was up to 17°C again. Hahaha. 

I figure out that I can squeeze in one more little post before I head out to a girls' night-out with my German girlfriends. They are going back to Germany soon and hopefully they will come back in October for a working holiday. Gonna miss them so much!

Little sakura tree in my room. 

When I return to Tokyo in end-March, it will be sakura season very soon. The Japanese people go out all the way to appreciate the beauty of sakura blossoms, mostly by picnicking, drinking and making merry underneath the sakura trees. 

Clever beer manufacturers have come up with season-limited can designs depicting blooming sakura!  

Sapporo beer. 


Decided to get these. 

Looking forward to making merry under the sakura trees. 


Purple Cat Aroma Diffuser


My blog was left unattended for 1 week! I have been rather busy this week meeting friends and saying goodbye, as some of them are leaving Japan for their own countries. It was an emotional week for me. Saying goodbye is so heart-breaking, and we do not know when we can meet one another again.

But here is something to cheer me up big time! I'm going back to Singapore tomorrow! Hooray!!!! I can't wait to see my family and my cats again! Miss them so much!

Here is a quick post cos I need to rush out to do some last minute shopping for omiyages. Bought an aroma diffuser recently and I want to show it off so bad!

I always get the shop staff to gift-wrap my purchases. I like giving presents to myself! 

It's got a few of my favourite elements - Cat motif, the colour purple, lace and a bit of bling! 

I love it! 

Will update again when I reach Singapore! OMG I'm so excited! 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Tsu-chan's Honey Bee Ad (and other awesome ads at Shinjuku station!)

Was at Shinjuku picking up presents for my friends and I saw this fabulous ad in the station.

Tsubasa's Kyocera Honey Bee ad! 

Honey Bee is a mobile phone produced by Kyocera and managed by Willcom as the service provider. Its colourful and simple interface makes it quite popular among young people. 

But apparently Honey Bee 4 aims to widen its audience by casting Tsubasa as various characters, male and female, young and old. 

Tsu-chan as Campus Girl and Construction Guy. 

Highschool Boy and OL/Socialite? 

Golf-playing Ojisan and herself! 

Salaryman and Highschool Girl. 

Obasan, Random Hot Guy and OL. 

Omg did she just make wrinkles look HOT??? 

I especially like her Ojisan look! 

More info of the Honey Bee mobile phone and campaigns can be found on their website

Here are other awesome ads I spotted at Shinjuku station. 

Ad for the Narnia movie. The screen will be activated and plays the movie trailer when people stand near it! 

Ad for Kpop concert. You can spot some of the biggest names like Shoujo Jidai and Super Junior. 

And of cos, there's...
...go away, random lady! You are blocking my star! 

Tada! Mukai Osama aka MR AWESOME (termed by me).   

Bonus pic! 
Sorry for the excessive roses, but that's how it is in Meow-vision. 

Flowers bloom whenever I see Mr Awesome! 

All the ads above can be seen at Shinjuku JR East exit towards the direction of Marunouchi subway line! 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

One Piece and Domino's Pizza


I just got back from a ski trip at Niigata! Can't ski for nuts but at least I had fun in the snow!

Will just do a short post today, cos I need to get back to watching Gossip Girl season 2 on cable. It's SO good!

Got this Domino's Pizza flyer in the mail today!

One Piece characters in an ad for Domino's. 

Look at Chopper stuffing his cute face!!!! 

Order the One Piece set and get a free mug! 

Oh I am SO craving for some Domino's now!!!!!! 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

First Snowfall in Tokyo

Woooooo! Guess what I saw when I opened the curtains yesterday morning????

Weeeeeee snow falling from the sky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

It's the first snowfall this winter in Tokyo, and it is the first time I saw snow falling from the sky! Imagine my delight!!!! I ran out into the balcony in my pjs (basketball shorts and short-sleeved tee), crazily taking photos and jumping around happily. Hahaha! XD So exciting! 

The snow got heavier when I went to school. A good amount of snow piled up in our campus garden and me and my friend had a frolicking good time! 

Oh, and yesterday was the last day of the semester!!! Spring break has started!  

There were two farewell parties organised by two different dorms for the foreign students who are going back to their countries. We biked to the party venues with snow falling in our faces. My makeup was completely smeared!  What an unforgettable experience! 

After the parties, the fun continued as we headed for an all-night karaoke session. I had such a great time with awesome company! MAD HAPPY TTM!