Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Halloween at Tokyo Disneyland Part II (Super Image Heavy)

Hello! Here is part 2!

As the sun sets in Tokyo Disneyland...

...the ghosts of mischief come out to play. 


So crowded in the stores. 

Haunted Mansion is a must-visit on Halloween! 

Sandy Claws' minions. 

Very 'meh' fireworks. 
Oh and I should mention that I watched this alone. K left before the night parade as she had a presentation due the next day and I was left alone to enjoy the rest of my Halloween in Tokyo Disneyland. 

So I went on the carousel...

...which wasn't at all bad. 
I had to admit there is just a romantic melancholy about riding the carousel alone. 

Cinderella's castle again. 

These distorted figures look meaningless and nonsensical...

....but when viewed from the front, viola! 

My dinner. 

Last minute dash at the stores. 

One last look at the castle before heading home. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Halloween at Tokyo Disneyland Part I (Super Image Heavy)

I should blog about this before I put it off any longer. I spent Halloween at Tokyo Disneyland!  Woot! 


It's my first Halloween at Disneyland and I was so excited about it! For the several times that I had visited Disneyland (and Disneysea), it was always during Christmas season.  So I took a vow (haha) that I would visit Disneyland this year during Halloween, even if I had to go alone!  

Ready for a Halloween Tokyo Disneyland pic spam? 

Little Donald! 


Visitors were allowed to dress up as Disney characters for the Halloween period. 

A group of cute Minnies. 

My Korean friend M went with me, so I wasn't lonely at all heh heh. 

Someone is obviously a Donald-and-Daisy fan. 

2011 Halloween merchandise. 

Too lazy to dress up as any character. 

A team of Disney Princesses. 

The Man and his Mouse. 

Real pumpkins as Halloween deco. 

Pinocchio's dad, Gepetto (had to google his name haha)! 

Halloween parade. 

All hail the King! 

Fancy. Wonder where these people get their costumes. 

Very elaborated Sorcerer Mickey. 

A snack. 

Part II tomorrow!