Friday, December 31, 2010

Getting ready for the New Year!

Today is 大晦日 (Oomisoka - last day of the year), which is the second most important day in Japan (according to wikipedia, heh heh). The most important day in the Japanese festive calendar is of course お正月 (Oshougatsu - New Year's Day). I spent most of today cleaning and decorating my apartment while watching TV. Haha.

Was at the town center a few days ago to embrace the festivity. People were milling about, doing their last minute New Year shopping and happily spending their money. The Japanese put a lot of thoughts into New Year decorations and related items, and I enjoyed just walking about and taking in the joyous atmosphere.

Decorations for your home. 

Even cakes are ready for the Year of the Rabbit! 

People shopping for their last minute 年賀状 (Nengajou - New Year greeting cards). 

I simply love to ogle at these pretty pretty 年賀状s! 

Ahaha this is so cute! A bunny playing the shamisen on top of Mt Fuji! 

Stickers galore! 

Without a doubt, Japan has the most wonderful stickers in the world! 

More お飾り (Okazari - Decorations) for your home. 
These 玉飾り (Tamakazari - Round decorations) are usually hung at the top of the main door to welcome the gods and ward off negative energy. 

玉飾りs for wealth and fortune! 

門松(Kadomatsu - Gate bamboo) are also placed in front of main entrances of homes, companies and even shopping malls. 
門松outside Marui. The purpose of placing 門松 at the entrance is to welcome ancestral spirits and the harvest gods for a bountiful and prosperous year 

Smaller 門松s for smaller homes. 

I'm sure you have seen these cute white cake-like things before and wondered what they are. 
These are 鏡餅s (Kagami Mochi - Mirror Rice Cakes), a very common New Year decoration for homes. 

Different sizes and prices. 鏡餅s are placed in the homes for good luck and happiness (I supposed). They will be taken down and eaten after New Year. Just pop them into the oven toaster!  

The 鏡餅 corner at the Hypermart near my home. 

I couldn't resist it and bought one 鏡餅 among other decos for my first New Year spent in Japan. 

Kiirotori looks pleased with it. 

And I'm gonna use these as Chinese New Year greeting cards! Hee hee! 

Final Magazines Loot of 2010

My recent magazine purchases!

Monthly The Television, Seventeen, Popteen and Nikkei Entertainment (look who's on the cover). 

Fukubukuro Special featured in Popteen. 
Popteen has collaborated with Donki Hote for a 3,000yen fukubukuro filled with tons of lashes. Who needs that much lashes? 

There is also a feature on Fukubukuros available in 109. 

Seventeen and freebie Gilfy tote bag. 

...Osamu-kun gracing the cover of Nikkei Entertainment. 

Special writeup about Mr Awesome. 

Look how tall he is! 182cm! 

I love his sharp nose. 

I want to have a good sleeping cycle so I'm off to bed. Goodnight! 

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Beautylabo ふりふりホイップ Hair Color

You would have seen Beautylabo's Furifuri Whip Hair Colouring featured in many magazines by now. I decided to buy one to try, cos it's very cheap (can't remember exactly how much, but I think it's around 700yen), looks fun to use, and also because my hair looked like crap.


One of the new colors - Milky Beige 

Contents of the kit. 

It was fun preparing the whip! 
Pouring in the base water. 

Adding in the colouring powder. It was like mixing a drink! 

As you can see, I'm easily amused. 

Shake it well for about 30 times. 
And you will get this foamy whip. 


Woohoo! New hair color! 

But I probably wouldn't purchase it again. It didn't seem to work very well for my hair and the application was quite messy. Maybe because I have big clumsy hands, I find it challenging to scoop up the foam without spilling. The amount of foam for one application was kinda not enough for my long hair. 

And my hair ends are super dry now. =( I very much prefer Liese Bubble Hair Color, easier to apply and the amount of foam is plenty even with only one application. Less damaging to my hair too.