Friday, April 29, 2011

リラッくじ Rilakkuma Lottery

San-x has combined リラックマ (Rilakkuma) and  くじ (kuji - lottery), and presented Rilakkuma fans with this!
 リラッくじ Rilakkuji! 
Rilakkuma Lottery! 
 It's the RILAKKUMA meets HONEY series! 

Actually Rilakkuji has been around for quite sometime and it is available in convenient stores (usually Lawson). I had even seen Rilakkuji in my campus co-op too! 

One lottery ticket costs 500yen. If you are lucky, you walk away with cool prizes like a big Rilakkuma plushie or other awesome goods. A prize is guaranteed, so you are bound to win something. No matter how small the prize is, it is still a Rilakkuma good not available anywhere else except in Rilakkuji! 

So I saw this at Lawson. 

The giant Rilakkuma (dressed as a bumblebee!) plushie and pancake plushie prizes are claimed. Hmmph. But maybe I would have a chance at scoring this...

KoRilakkuma and Kiirotori honeybee plushies. 
(Sorry for the bad angle that this photo was taken.) 

So I bought a Rilakkuji ticket! 

And this is what I won! 


 A teeny Rilakkuma plushie.   
It's so tiny. Even my small sidekick Kiirotori is bigger than it. 

Whatever. It's cute and I love it anyways!  (Trying to console myself.) 

Maybe I will have a better chance at scoring a bigger prize at the next installment of Rilakkuji! 
Look at Rilakkuma and his Kiirotori bento! LOVES! 

Here are the rest of random Rilakkuma loot I got that day. 
Honey-stuffed marshmallows and honey-flavoured chewing gum! 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kwik-E Post - Sakura Cream Frappuccino

In the sakura season, Starbucks has this delicious seasonal drink called 'Sakura Cream Frappuccino'. Hearing the name of the drink makes me salivate!    I assure you, it is as yummy as it sounds! 

Perfect beverage for お花見! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Merlion's Guest Appearance in ANA commercial


It's a symbolic mascot of Singapore, with the head of a lion and the body of a fish. 

And this ANA commercial simply cracks me up! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Half-Arsed Makeup Review

Candy Doll (produced by Masuwaka Tsubasa) has released a series of base makeup a while ago...

 ...and may I just say that the makeup base is AMAZING????


It's possibly the BEST makeup base I have ever used and I AM IN LOVE!    It evens out my skin tone and I swear that my skin was glowing like Edward Cullen.  I mean it gives my skin a healthy glow and I don't even need to put powder over it. I'm really liking what I see and I am SATISFIED! 

And here's a pic of random beauty products that I got that day. 

Yeah, as you can see, I also bought this eyeshadow from Integrate, a sub-brand of Shiseido. 

I'm a sucker for pretty packaging. 

More accurate display of the colours. 

The glittery powder promises to bring the 7 colours of rainbow to your eyes! 

Clean day look. 

Not bad, quite natural-looking. Maybe next time I should try piling on more eyeshadow to intensify the look for a night-out. 

The rest of the family. 

Abrupt end of my half-arsed makeup review kthxbai! 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

お花見 at Shinjuku Gyoen (Super Image Heavy)


How's everyone doing on a nice Sunday like this? I'm so glad that I woke up in time to catch One Piece on Fuji TV channel at 9.30am. I slept the whole of yesterday cos I have been so dead tired lately. It is only the first week of school and I was already out partying for two consecutive nights.
Note to self: No longer a spring chicken no longer a spring chicken no longer a spring chicken. 

Anyways, I was at 新宿御苑 (Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden) last weekend to catch a last glimpse of the sakura.

Shinjuku Gyoen was part of a private mansion belonging to a feudal lord of the Edo period. After WWII, it became opened to the public and it is one of the Japanese people's favourite hanami spot during sakura season. 

I guess this will be the last of my hanami-related posts. Sakura season is over! Boo!