Sunday, January 30, 2011

Meiji's Royal Milk Tea Meltykiss and Extra Whip Porute

Since we are hot on the topic of chocolates, here is what I picked up at Lawson.

Royal Milk Tea Melty Kiss and Extra Whip Porute. 

Picked this up from Lawson too. Look at that sinful amount of fresh cream in the center! 

I love the strong taste of royal milk tea in Meltykiss and the fluffy creamy filling in Porute! 

I swear there is a little bit of heaven inside each piece. 

Fancy Valentine's Day Chocolates Pic Spam (Super Image Heavy)

I had a karaoke session for 2 hours today...ALONE

Ok you must think that I'm a loser now. But it's just one of the many colourful SSBs (Secret Single Behavoir...ok not so secret anymore) that I have developed recently in Tokyo. I'm in fact, not single, but my Significant Other is in sunny Singapura, and thus I have no one to spend Valentine's Day with, but that does not mean that I can't enjoy the heavily commercialised festivity, even though it does makes me a bit bitter and grumpy, cos I will be spending Valentine's Day all alone, which also explains why I am ranting like a mindless freak. I bet you are right about to skip this paragraph and scrolling down straight to the photos below. I am right, ain't I?    <= I love this crazy-faced emoticon. 


Display at Tobu Ikebukuro. 

I just had a papercut! Can someone pass me a....CHOCO-AID? 

Recipe books for chocolate foods! 



...are just a bunch of dried fish! THESE ARE NOT CHOCOLATES!

Or are they? 

Strawberries? Mikan? 

Sushi? These are no chocolates! 


They are Chocolates-in-Disguise! 
See the pieces of chocolates hidden under the sushi packaging? 

Decos for your handmade chocs to that special someone. 

Handmade choco kits. 

Looks quite fun! 

I think I will get one of those handmade choco kits and have some fun myself! 

How will you be spending your Valentine's Day? I know how I will be spending mine...

...singing karaoke alone! 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Japan Travels Special - Osaka Part II

Hi! I'm back with an Osaka Special! Sorry for the delay, I have been busy these few days with school work. And today I met up with Thanh Thao from Rainy Day Never Stays! I'm so happy to have finally met her in person! She is such a sweet girl! I had such a wonderful time with her, just hanging out and chatting about our lives!  

Here are some photos I would like to share today from my Osaka travels. All photos were taken at 道頓堀 (Doutonburi), a  prominent spot in Osaka famous for the giant crab sign, Glico man, and lots of shopping and eating!

Big loud signs and colourful posters everywhere, that is what Osaka is about. 

Gilco man! 

Giant crab sign. 

300yen for a cup of crabby juice? No thanks! 

But we did order a pincer, which didn't taste so fantastic as we thought it would be. 

くいだおれ太郎 (Kuidaore Taro), another landmark of Osaka. Kuidaore literally means 'Eat till you drop'! 

Osaka Rilakkuma! See the one holding a takoyaki? Cute!

One Piece cookies. 

Only-available-in-Osaka Spiderman and Hello Kitty snacks. 

Gotta love the distinctive Osaka bigger-than-life shop signs! 

心斎橋 (Shinsabashi), another famous shopping street, is nearby. 

Gonna have some お好み焼き (Okonomiyaki), signature food of Osaka. 

The Mister decorating our okonomiyaki

Yes, it is a self-portrait. Hahaha. Don't ask me why his ears are inverted. That I have no idea too. 

Ok, goodnight! (Super abrupt ending!)