Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Back in Tokyo

Hey everyone!  I'm finally back in Tokyo!  Hooray!

Actually I came back about a week ago. Spring semester has started and everything is fine so far.

Oh, except... 

the EARTHQUAKES that happen (almost) everyday! 

Almost everyday (or night) there are small tremors which can get quite irritating, especially when you happen to be soundly asleep or taking a dump in the loo. The only thing on my mind was, 'Bugger off stupid earthquake. Don't disturb my sleep/shit.' But it can be a little terrifying when my whole room starts to shake and I can hear the house creaking away happily to the quake.

Hopefully these tremors will stop soon.

Other than that, life in Tokyo has pretty much got back to normal. People are milling about, doing their own business as usual. Plans have also been announced to give aid to the people in affected areas to get their lives back on track. My school has organised a collection of stationary and message cards from students to be sent to the children whom have lost their homes. I sent in a big bag of pencils and erasers, bought from Daiso (cheap and good!).


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