Friday, April 29, 2011

リラッくじ Rilakkuma Lottery

San-x has combined リラックマ (Rilakkuma) and  くじ (kuji - lottery), and presented Rilakkuma fans with this!
 リラッくじ Rilakkuji! 
Rilakkuma Lottery! 
 It's the RILAKKUMA meets HONEY series! 

Actually Rilakkuji has been around for quite sometime and it is available in convenient stores (usually Lawson). I had even seen Rilakkuji in my campus co-op too! 

One lottery ticket costs 500yen. If you are lucky, you walk away with cool prizes like a big Rilakkuma plushie or other awesome goods. A prize is guaranteed, so you are bound to win something. No matter how small the prize is, it is still a Rilakkuma good not available anywhere else except in Rilakkuji! 

So I saw this at Lawson. 

The giant Rilakkuma (dressed as a bumblebee!) plushie and pancake plushie prizes are claimed. Hmmph. But maybe I would have a chance at scoring this...

KoRilakkuma and Kiirotori honeybee plushies. 
(Sorry for the bad angle that this photo was taken.) 

So I bought a Rilakkuji ticket! 

And this is what I won! 


 A teeny Rilakkuma plushie.   
It's so tiny. Even my small sidekick Kiirotori is bigger than it. 

Whatever. It's cute and I love it anyways!  (Trying to console myself.) 

Maybe I will have a better chance at scoring a bigger prize at the next installment of Rilakkuji! 
Look at Rilakkuma and his Kiirotori bento! LOVES! 

Here are the rest of random Rilakkuma loot I got that day. 
Honey-stuffed marshmallows and honey-flavoured chewing gum! 

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