Sunday, April 24, 2011

お花見 at Shinjuku Gyoen (Super Image Heavy)


How's everyone doing on a nice Sunday like this? I'm so glad that I woke up in time to catch One Piece on Fuji TV channel at 9.30am. I slept the whole of yesterday cos I have been so dead tired lately. It is only the first week of school and I was already out partying for two consecutive nights.
Note to self: No longer a spring chicken no longer a spring chicken no longer a spring chicken. 

Anyways, I was at 新宿御苑 (Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden) last weekend to catch a last glimpse of the sakura.

Shinjuku Gyoen was part of a private mansion belonging to a feudal lord of the Edo period. After WWII, it became opened to the public and it is one of the Japanese people's favourite hanami spot during sakura season. 

I guess this will be the last of my hanami-related posts. Sakura season is over! Boo! 

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