Tuesday, May 3, 2011

One Piece X くら寿司

Let me start this post by ranting.

Last night, some little punk drunk dialed me at 3am. He's an acquaintant I got to know from the ski trip with my school, but we don't even talk much in school. Why the firetruck did he drunk dial me of all people!? I couldn't go back to sleep after that cos I'm a light sleeper. Thanks man, thanks. 

Anyway, this post is about One Piece and sushi! 

くら寿司  (Kurazushi) is this fantastically cheap sushi restaurant near our campus. One plate of sushi is only 105yen! And they serve all kinds of exciting flavours! Other foods such as udon are reasonably priced too. 

There is a new One Piece movie coming up soon (in 3D!) and to promote this new movie, One Piece has tied in with Kurazushi. I can totally understand the connection between them...pirates and fish, wonderful collaboration! 

One Piece merchandise to be won. 

My favourite Chopper looking as cute as ever. 

Luffy appearing on our menu. 

Here are some of the fun flavours that you probably won't get to see in your neighbourhood supermarket. 

Yummy lobster and mayo! 

Grilled cheese on prawns.  

Tuna and soft-boiled egg. 

My personal fave...
baby alien heads! Dare you to eat one! 

Actually they also look a bit like the offspring of this fella here. 

And the bestest...
...Hamburger sushi!   

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