Thursday, December 22, 2011

Odaiba X'mas Fireworks

3 more days to Christmas!  My blog posts shall all be X'mas-themed till then!

Odaiba! Haven't been here for a year! 

Odaiba is beautifully decked out in X'mas illumuniation, but the real reason we were there was to view the fireworks! Yes I know right??? Fireworks in winter? But it's cold! *whiny voice* Haha, but that did not stop us or other Tokyoites from going early and getting a good spot. 

I like this pic! Looks like the fireworks were being shot out from the torch of the Statue of Liberty! 

Rainbow-coloured fireworks! 

Meanwhile indoors...

And I shall end this post with a pic of 2 monstrous dogs in X'mas wear. They belong to a middle-aged couple who were dining outdoors. I wonder how they eat in peace with curious onlookers crowding around their pups. 

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