Monday, December 26, 2011

X'mas at Disneysea 10th anniversary Part II (Super Image Heavy)

And here is part II of Disneysea! 

The 定番 Mickey and Minnie snowman/woman. 

McDuck's Department Store. 

Atmosphere in Disneysea is quite different from Disneyland. 

People often said that Disneysea feels more mellow and 'adult'. 

...and not as festive as Disneyland. 
But I like Disneysea. It is much more romantic here. 

We got fastpasses for Tower of Terror, but chickened-out in the end. 

King Triton and his rein-dolphins. 

Mermaid's Lagoon. 

Arabian Coast. 

Loo for princesses! 

Disney goods spam! 

Merchandises for the new year. 

10th anniversary special show - Fantasmic. 

Stay warm and fuzzy! 

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