Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Loot of the Day - Post-X'mas and Pre-New-Year Shopping

After class today, I went to town center to give myself a little shopping treat! There is a good sale at Marui and discounts are as much as 60-70%! Here is my loot!

Essential items for my survival. 

The gloves are from Gap Kids for 900yen and 2 pairs of room socks (random brand) for 315yen each. Gotta love モコモコ winter items!  I'm wearing the peach-coloured ones now! They are super comfy! 

Finally, a bag that isn't a magazine freebie! 
50% off! 
I like the unique shiny purple which will brighten up my dull winter outfits! 

New desk calendar for 2011. 

I like how the wacky animals are doing traditional Japanese stuff. 
Notice how the animals are going for their 初詣 (Hatsumode, First shrine visit of the year). Cute! 

Loot from good old Kinokuniya. 
Guidebook for the new NHK大河ドラマ - Gou...
and Mukai Osamu's photobook! 

I bought the Gou guidebook cos there is a special interview featuring Osamu-kun. 
On the left is a page from his photobook. He looks so happy with the ice-cream! 

I have a huge schoolgirl crush on Osamu-kun. He is ridiculously cute and I love his bright smile! 2011 will be his Big-Break year and he is gonna be the next big thing! Sigh, I'm in love! 

And what better way to finish the day with...
...half-priced food items from the supermarket! I can't finish them all so I'll save some for tomorrow's lunch. 

Gosh, it's 1am now! Gotta sleep, night! 

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