Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mister Donut Rilakkuma 福袋


I can't believe I almost miss this! Mister Donut Rilakkuma Lucky Bag!

2 types to choose from! 1,000yen and 2,000yen. 

I bought the 1,000yen one but now I feel that I should have got the 2,000yen one! Should I make another trip tomorrow? 

I didn't know about this fukubukuro until I read Shanjae's blog! Thank you Shanjae!  You wouldn't believe how fast I ran out of my apartment and cycled 20 minutes to the nearest misdo! On my way there, I kept thinking the 福袋s would already have long been sold out. But luckily, that misdo branch is tucked away on the 4th floor of a departmental store, and not many people know about that branch. Teehee!  

Bought 3! 
2 are for my friends. 

It is such a good deal! 1,000yen for all these! 
- Coupons for 10 donuts/pies
- Blanket 
- Cute case 
- Mister Donut calendar 
- Mobile phone strap 

I got the Rilakkuma strap but my friend's 福袋 contained the KoRilakkuma strap (I peeped). 

Snack time! 

Using my coupons, I exchanged for the 必勝 donut and the strawberry エンゼルテディパン. 

This fukubukuro is such a お得deal! (お得- Otoku, good deal, bargain) It was also a good opportunity to chalk up my misdo points too! Mister Donut is so awesome! 


And here is another Rilakkuma item I got today! 

A card holder/coin pouch! 

You can attach it to your bag and use it to store your suica card. I no longer have to fumble and dig for my wallet at the 改札口!

2 more days to 2011! 

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