Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Loot of the Day - Fukubukuro Haul Part 2

After the great haul of 2012 yesterday, I was exhausted but the weather today is too nice to be wasted by staying at home.

So, I dragged myself out to Shinjuku!  

Shinjuku Alta (a milder version of Shibuya 109) is having its annual Go! Go! Sale (yup, that's the name) and I decided to check it out.

From now till 15 Jan! 

Shinjuku Alta has many popular gyaru brands like Liz Lisa and Spiral Girl, etc. The zakka and bags stores are very interesting to browse too. There is this particular zakka store called Outlet which caught my attention. The staff was standing on a chair outside the shop and shouting something. I stopped to listen and the words 詰め放題 (tsumehoudai) broke that thin line of sanity in my mind. Tsumehoudai simply means 'All-you-can-stuff'. For 500yen, you get a vinyl bag and you stuff as much items as you can from a selected tray of goods, which are mostly hair accessories. How awesome is that?!    

So I started stuffing crazily. 

Till my vinyl bag broke.  

My torn bag and the stuff that spilled out. 

Luckily the staff was nice enough to allow me to get all the items that I had managed to stuff in before the explosion of my bag. Phew.  But I did lose a few items, like a cute compact mirror which fell out when my bag burst and a girl grabbed it. 

All these for 500yen! 

My loot! 
9 shu-shus, 5 ribbon bands, 3 pairs of funny socks, 2 pairs of shoelaces, 1 compact mirror, 1 strap, and 1 keychain. 

I think I have enough scrunchies to last me for a lifetime. Will be sharing these accesscoies with my friends! 

And then I grabbed a fukubukuro at a bags store called Dith. It was 5,000yen but for a limited time today, it was on sale at 3,000yen! 

I love everything in this fukubukuro. This is my favouriteso far! 
Love that everything is very usable! Studded Union Jack bag, furred white leopard print chain bag, 3 hair accessories. 

What a great deal! 

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