Sunday, January 8, 2012

Rilakkuma New Year Photo Event

Don't you love the New-Year-themed Rilakkuma??? 

It is the year of the Dragon, so Rilakkuma and his friends are dressed up as the mythical creature and looking ridiculously CUTE! 

Chara Park (pronounced Kyara Paaku) at Kichijouji 

What is this commotion going on here? 

Every once in a while, Chara Park at Kichijouji will hold photo events for some of the popular characters such as Miffy and Snoopy. And for the New Year, guess who came to play??? 

King Bear himself! 

The crowd was crazy, but who could blame them? 
Rilakkuma plus one very cute Kiirotori dressed as a dragon. 

Brace yourselves for an overdose of Rilakkuma goodness! 


My failed attempt of trying to get a photo with him. 

Let's take a breather by looking at some new Rilakkuma goods

Time for Rilakkuma to return to his chambers.

One last wave to the crowd! 

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