Saturday, February 12, 2011

First Snowfall in Tokyo

Woooooo! Guess what I saw when I opened the curtains yesterday morning????

Weeeeeee snow falling from the sky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

It's the first snowfall this winter in Tokyo, and it is the first time I saw snow falling from the sky! Imagine my delight!!!! I ran out into the balcony in my pjs (basketball shorts and short-sleeved tee), crazily taking photos and jumping around happily. Hahaha! XD So exciting! 

The snow got heavier when I went to school. A good amount of snow piled up in our campus garden and me and my friend had a frolicking good time! 

Oh, and yesterday was the last day of the semester!!! Spring break has started!  

There were two farewell parties organised by two different dorms for the foreign students who are going back to their countries. We biked to the party venues with snow falling in our faces. My makeup was completely smeared!  What an unforgettable experience! 

After the parties, the fun continued as we headed for an all-night karaoke session. I had such a great time with awesome company! MAD HAPPY TTM! 

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