Sunday, February 6, 2011

恵方スイーツ - Lucky Direction Rollcake!

Remember the 恵方巻き (Ehou maki) from my previous post?

It's a long roll of makizushi that you are supposed to eat in silence while facing the lucky direction of the year. For this year, the lucky direction is South-South-East. 

Me and my friend were shopping in the hypermart and we spotted this! 

Holy moly, it's a 恵方スイーツ (Ehou Sweet). Haha! 

I think it's just a novelty version of the ehou maki, but I'm sure it works just the same. And hey, it's funny! So on a whimsy, me and my friend decided to buy it! 

It came with very specific instructions. 

'Facing the South-South-East, close your eyes, think of your wish and eat the cake. You will be blessed with good fortune.' 

You can imagine how hard we were trying not to laugh when we followed the instructions! I hope my wish will come true! Oh, and the cake was yummy! 

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