Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kimono and Monjayaki Party

One fine winter day in February, my friends and I decided to put on kimonos for no reasons and strut down the neighbourhood to a restaurant for some Monjayaki.  Such crazy spontaneousity! 

We noticed that the reactions from passers-by differ with age. The older folks would stop for a friendly chat, asking us if there was a special event that we were heading to. The middle age people would gawk at us and then smile. The young ones would sneak a quick peak at us and quickly walk away with a look of horror on their faces. I wonder why! 

3 German girls, 1 Korean girl and 1 Singaporean girl! 

I miss my German girlfriends. They have all gone back to Germany and I hope I can see them soon. We had such lovely memories together! 


Imagine the look of surprise on the staff and customers' faces when they saw 5 loud foreigners in kimonos entering the monja restaurant!  Such fun! 

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