Tuesday, November 23, 2010

House-warming at my new apartment!

Greetings loved ones! I celebrate Labour Day by slacking at home for the whole of today! Plus my monthly lady friend is here to visit, so I'm feeling too lazy and bloated and uncomfortable to go anywhere. In Singapore, ladies often use nicknames when addressing their periods. Some all-time favourites include 'Big Aunt' and 'Good Friend'. Eg, 'I can't go swimming cos my Big Aunt is here to visit'.  Do you have a habit like that in your country?

So, anyway, after hours of setting up and cleaning up, my apartment is finally in a better condition to receive guests!

A view of my room. I can't stand the sight of the cables! They look so ugly and messy! Any good ideas to hide them? 
White Shelf: 795yen Olympic 
Table: 1,290yen recycle shop 
Futon: 5,000yen Seiyu 
Small Rug: 1,050yen salut! 

Vanity corner. 
Mirror: 1,290yen recycle shop 
Mini-cart: 1,050 Olympic 

The rest of the room still looks quite empty, except for the occasional rubbish here and there. I'm getting many interior design ideas from 一人暮らし とことん (Hitorigurashi Tokoton), hopefully I can post more pics soon!  My TV will be delivered on Friday and I can't wait! 

My Korean girlfriends came over yesterday for a little house-warming gathering. They brought sushi, cup noodles, beer, mikan, and lotsa snacks. I miss my friends from the dorm! 一人暮らし (Hirorigurashi, living alone) can be nice, but I am already feeling the loneliness and I have only been living alone for a week! 

Can't wait for Grubs to visit next week! 

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