Sunday, November 7, 2010

Shibuya at 5am

I finally made a trip to Shibuya yesterday, but the weird thing is I was there from 12.30am to 5am!

109 at 12.30am. 

Me and my friends checked out this club called Club Atom which is located in Shibuya, which explains why I was there at such unearthly hours. 

A very drunk and sleepy man we saw on the train to Shibuya. At least he was decent enough to take off his shoes and not dirty the seats. Lol. 

Shibuya is a city that never sleeps! There were food outlets, bookstores, and even nail salons that operate all through the night. 

Shibuya at 1am.  

Sorry for my photos' shitty quality! I only had my compact digicam with me and I was trying to take quick photos to not get in anyone's way. But as you can see from the picture, traffic was still bustling at that hour! 

Club Atom was a cool club with many floors of different music genre and I had an awesome time with my friends! But there was a little episode which happened in the club...

We were on the 5th (or 6th? can't remember) floor and we left our jackets on a seat and went to dance. I left for the toilet and came back to discover that my friends were holding on to their own jackets but mine was missing! They told me that a staff came to clear the seats and took my jacket away, thinking that it was probably left behind by other customers.  My friends did not stop her cos they did not know that jacket was mine.  

The said jacket. Newly bought just a few weeks ago. 

I frantically looked around for a staff and the only staff I could see then was the bouncer, who was a big and intimidating-looking African-American man. 

I went up to Mr Bouncer and nervously asked if he knew where I could find my jacket. He asked me to wait and went on with his job of checking people for their entrance bracelets. I stood in a corner pitifully, thinking that he would forget about me as he was very busy and it was such a crowded night.  

And soon, he came back with a waitress and helped me explain my situation to her in fluent Japanese (better than mine, haha). The waitress then directed me to the first floor and I found my jacket there!  

What touched me was that the bouncer was so nice and willing to help silly me find my dumb jacket even though he was so busy! I went back to thank him and shook his hand. His hand was surprisingly soft and he flashed me a very handsome smile!  

So after this little episode, we partied throughout the night. Towards the end I was just sitting in a corner cos my legs were so tired! We left at about 5am to catch the first train back home. 

Shibuya at 5am. 

Lots of people were still milling about and many of them were like us, trying to get home to bed. My brain was screaming for some sleep! 

A cool ad for new thriller drama Strawberry Night featuring Takeuchi Yuuko. Seems like her guts are spilling out but those red stuff are actually innocent strawberries! 

Woke up at 2pm today with bloodshot eyes and creaky knees! Painful reminder that I am no longer a spring chicken! 

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