Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Meiji Shrine 90th Anniversary (Super Image Heavy) - Part 2

Here is part 2!

I ventured deeper into the trail leading to the main shrine and there was a beautiful display of chrysanthemums.

七五三 (Shichi-Go-San, Seven-Five-Three) is around the corner and many parents brought their children to Meiji Shrine to receive blessings. 

七五三 is a traditional practice where parents celebrate the passage of their children into ages 3 (for girls), 5 (for boys) and 7 (for girls). The Japanese believe that odd numbers 3, 5 and 7 are lucky numbers. 

Parents spend loads of money buying or renting the intricate traditional costumes for their children. The boys wear the hakama and the girls wear the kimono. I love to look at their beautiful costumes! 

Pretty little girl with a lovely smile! One of her brothers didn't look too pleased that he was not the star. 

This family has a girl turning 7 and a boy turning 5. 

My favourite photo. 

Cute girl! 

Look at the proud looks on Dad and Mum's faces! 

Beautiful details at the back of the kimono. 

Running with candy in hand. 

Handsome little boy posing for me! 

More random photos! 

An offering to the shrine - a ship made entirely out of vegetables! 

Festival performers with Forever 21 shopping bags. The girl behind was giving me such a fierce look! 

I hope I will get to wear a kimono like this soon! 

Foreigners dressed in Harry Potter-themed costumes and posing unknowingly outside the lavatory. 

絵馬 (Ema) - Small wooden plagues where people write their wishes and prayers on. They are then placed at the shrine so the gods can receive them. In the case of Meiji Shrine, the emas are left under a sacred tree. 

Emas written in different languages. 

This one written in Chinese made me LOL-ed! 
'Dear God, please make me taller. (In small print) If that can't be done, please make me richer.' 

I somehow felt like crying after reading this. I miss my family so much. 

Last photo...

Even though I lost my way in the beginning, but I was brought to the Meiji Shrine for a good reason - to take interesting photos! I hope you have enjoyed looking at them! 

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