Friday, November 26, 2010

My Kit Kat Loot from Tochigi

Yesterday, I went on a bus trip organised by the university to Nikko, Tochigi. And here is my loot!

Nothing but KIT KATs
Ok I did bought some castella but those are really not that photo-worthy. 

Yokohama Almond Jelly flavour. I miss my mum's  杏仁豆腐!

Tochigi-gentei Tochiotome Strawberry Kit Kat. 

Blueberry Cheese Cake! Taste fake! Haha! 

Satsuma Sweet Potato Flavour! I like sweet potatos! 

Kit Kats in Japan come in irresistibly pretty packaging and I started collecting them five years ago. Here is a slideshow of my Kit Kat collection! 

My Nikko trip deserves another post of its own, but here's a sneak peak!

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