Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fancy Valentine's Day Chocolates Pic Spam (Super Image Heavy)

I had a karaoke session for 2 hours today...ALONE

Ok you must think that I'm a loser now. But it's just one of the many colourful SSBs (Secret Single Behavoir...ok not so secret anymore) that I have developed recently in Tokyo. I'm in fact, not single, but my Significant Other is in sunny Singapura, and thus I have no one to spend Valentine's Day with, but that does not mean that I can't enjoy the heavily commercialised festivity, even though it does makes me a bit bitter and grumpy, cos I will be spending Valentine's Day all alone, which also explains why I am ranting like a mindless freak. I bet you are right about to skip this paragraph and scrolling down straight to the photos below. I am right, ain't I?    <= I love this crazy-faced emoticon. 


Display at Tobu Ikebukuro. 

I just had a papercut! Can someone pass me a....CHOCO-AID? 

Recipe books for chocolate foods! 



...are just a bunch of dried fish! THESE ARE NOT CHOCOLATES!

Or are they? 

Strawberries? Mikan? 

Sushi? These are no chocolates! 


They are Chocolates-in-Disguise! 
See the pieces of chocolates hidden under the sushi packaging? 

Decos for your handmade chocs to that special someone. 

Handmade choco kits. 

Looks quite fun! 

I think I will get one of those handmade choco kits and have some fun myself! 

How will you be spending your Valentine's Day? I know how I will be spending mine...

...singing karaoke alone! 

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