Monday, January 10, 2011

Rilakkuma Potato Soybean Soup

Bought this at Lawson! I love the fact that Rilakkuma is everywhere. I love love LOVE living in the land of Rilakkuma (Japan, that is).

Look at how the bears' faces blush when they drink hot soup! So cute can??? 

Just add hot water and ta-da! Yummy creamy soup is ready!

Potato bits and veggies! 

It's -2°C outside now! When will I ever get use to the cold???? Buck up, Singaporean me!  

My laptop monitor died on me yesterday morning. Starting up Windows was ok (I could hear the start up sound and all), but the monitor was pitch black. I went about the apartment in total panic mode thinking to myself ohmygodohmygodwhatamIgoingtodowithoutmylaptop ImgonnadiediedienolaptopnointernettheworldisDOOMED

Was feeling down and hopeless when my clever Mister text me on my mobile, suggesting that I could try to connect the laptop to my TV and use the TV as a monitor. Ooooh! I jumped up immediately, flew to the hypermart near my home and bought a VGA cable. 

And it worked! Thank Amitabha! I'm not trying to sound like a computer junkie, but having internet access is so important to a person living overseas without his/her family. 

My world is saved! 

But this can only be a temporary solution. I can't watch TV and use the laptop at the same time. Urgh.

Gonna go read some manga and try to sleep before 12am tonight. I am still trying to cultivate a healthy sleeping pattern. Shall wake up at 8am tomorrow! Goodnite!  

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