Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kagami Biraki Day


Remember the 鏡餅 (Kagami Mochi, mirror rice cake) I wrote about a while ago?

Yup, this cute one!

The Kagami Mochi is placed in the Japanese home during New Year, as an offering to the gods and symbolising good luck for the going and coming years. On 11th January, the Kagami Mochi is broken and eaten and that day is called the 鏡開き (Kagami Biraki) Day. 
I got mine from the hypermart, so it did not require any of my brute force to crack it open, as it is already  very conveniently packed into easy-to-cook size. 

Comes with simple instructions. 

There are several ways to prepare the mochi, and I decided to try out these two methods, as they are the easiest and most dummy-proofed ones!

1. Cook with お汁粉 (Oshiruko
That piece of white soap-like thing is the kagami mochi removed from its round plasticky packaging. 

Oshiruko is a kind of Japanese dessert made from azuki red beans. It tastes really sweet and thick and I love it. Instant mixes are easily available from supermarkets. Just add hot water. Nothing can go wrong with that! 

The mochi has to be soften first. I placed it in a pot of water and boiled it for about 5 minutes. Throw them into your oshiruko mixture and there you have it, oshiruko mochi

2. Toast it! 
Just pop one into the oven toaster for 5 minutes and you will see it puff up! 

Mine was a bit burnt on the outside (sheepish look), but it is soft and chewy on the inside! Dip it in some soya sauce for that savory taste! You can eat it with seaweed too! 

I officially list mochi as one of my favourite foods! 
How would you like your mochi? 

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