Monday, January 17, 2011

Snacks for the Exam Season Part 2

I feel so terribly cold now! 

My heater is off and I'm typing this in complete darkness to save electricity. Why do I want to torture myself like that???? Just got my electricity bill and it's a whooping 4,000yen! Gonna be so poor till my next 'pay day'....I gotta be frugal and cut cost in whatever ways I can! No heater when I sleep! Lights should be off at all times unless I'm reading or putting on makeup! Only flush after peeing 3 times! I am so FRUGAL!

Anyway, passed by Seiyu and saw MORE snacks for the exam seasons!

One whole shelf dedicated to exam snacks. 

The cat packagings of caramel corn are so cute! Remember I bought the white one? 

More foods to guarantee flying colours for your exams. 

Even instant noodles have joined in the party! 

I think there is some kind of soccer match on tv right now. I can totally hear my neighbour cheering and whooping! 

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