Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kwik-E-Post - Warning: Please remove your bicycle

Parking your bicycle in Tokyo requires a bit of knowledge. 

Take my town for instance. One of the first things I did when I shifted to my new town, was to look for bicycle parking lots near the train station. My apartment is 20mins walk away from the town center, so having a bike makes travelling and errands-running a breeze. These parking lots require a small fee, usually around 100yen to 200yen for a few hours, and the first 30mins or so is free. If I need to make a quick run to the stores, 30mins is pretty sufficient. 

But some people choose to park their bikes illegally along sides of the roads. There is a certain area surrounding the train station that disallows bikers to park their bikes, other than in the proper parking lots. 

So everyday, a law-enforcement officer goes around noting down the security numbers of the illegally parked bikes and then pasting a big red WARNING sticker on the bikes. If the bike is not removed by the owner by a stipulated time, the town council will remove it and the owner has to pay a fine to claim his bike back. 

And I chanced upon this. 

Still there after repeated warnings! Win liao lor! 

Oh Town Council, remove this bike already! 

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