Thursday, January 6, 2011

Snacks for the Exam Season

Hello! It's so super cold today! I was on my way home from school and the harsh wind was merciless to this thin-blooded Singaporean! Chilled to the bones! Brrrrrrrrrr! 

Anyway, tis' the season of exam-mugging for students, particularly students taking their entrance examination for junior high school, senior high school and university.

Snack manufacturers have their ways of encouraging these students and at the same time, make money! These snacks, which targeted consumers are students taking entrance examinations, are interesting to look at and fun to eat!

Calbee has introduced a whole series of 合格 snacks!

Potato chips in Passing-Exam-Curry flavour. 

All-time favourite Ebisen in Passing-Exam-Cheese flavour. 
See how our familiar prawn mascot is dressed in uniform!

Mister Donut's 必勝 Donut guarantees a sure-pass at the exams!  

Notice how the wrapper is shaped like an  絵馬 (Ema - A wooden plague to write your wish) and the donut is a pentagon. The pronunciation of a pentagon shape is Gokaku (五角), which is similar to Goukaku (合格) which means passing examination successfully. 

There is even a divination on the wrapper! 
 I got a 小吉 (small blessing) ! 

Caramel Corn also has an Exam version! 
A cat! And it's a special cherry flavour! 

The pentagon is a recurring imagery here. If you can find a 5-sided star in your bag of caramel corn, then you are lucky and will pass your exams. Doesn't it feel like something from The Lost Symbol? Hahaha. 

I got the star! 
Yay I'm gonna pass my Kanji test tomorrow! 

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