Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Autumn Room Deco

Took my third and final Japanese language placement test today. Some questions were really quite difficult. There is just so much more to learn about the Japanese language. I wonder which level of classes I will be placed. Oh I do hope that I get to meet new fun classmates! 


It's AUTUMN!   

I love to spruce up my apartment to give it some seasonal flavours. It's nice to be living in a country where I can fully experience the four seasons. In Singapore, we only have sun or rain.  Yes for the whole year. 

Bought some cheap deco from Daiso. 

Picked up some dried pine fruits from my school. 

Things to make my room (and toilet) smell nice. 
Lollipop and fruits candy scents. Very artificially sweet, but sometimes you just need that strong sweet smell to get rid of other unwanted odours in your room. Not suggesting that my room has any...(looks around nervously) 

Random display on my wall. 

Ah, my favourite corner.  

Little space at the entrance of my apartment. 
Can't get everyone in the shot but this is the best take I can get in a small space. 

Place for my keys. 

Wall facing the door decorated with postcards from my friend, J. 

J (also an ex-colleague) once said that it is important to have a 'pretty corner' on the work desk (and everywhere else). It makes people feel wonderful to have something pretty to look at. It's so true! 

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