Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rilakkuma Loots

Oh man, I ate so much today. 

I was over at my host family's place today and they prepared oden (! It was soooooo good! Then we headed out to check out this matsuri event in the vicinity. Went back to their house and ate some more. I drank so much of my otousan's delicious homemade beer!  

As promised, here are my Rilakkuma loots from yesterday's Kichijoji Rilakkuma 1st Anniversary event.  I have adequate self-control when it comes to spending, so no crazy impulse purchase here. 

Plushies, charms, a sticky notepad, and some stickers. The special edition paper bag, pin badge and KoRilakkuma plate are free gifts! 

Special edition Rilakkuma and KoRilakkuma plushies released for the 1st anniversary. 

With 'Kichijoji 1st Anniversary' inscribed on their rears. 

Barista Kiioritori (center), new addition to my family of sidekicks. 

Charms from the Chocolate and Coffee collection. 

...What?! Where did those little Rilakkumas come from? 

From this! 
A set of mini figurines. 

The charms can be hung anywhere...
I like to hang mine on my favourite Thomas Sabo charm bracelet. 

Rilakkuma-related loots, but not purchased from Rilakkuma Store. 
Heart-shaped bowls found at the matsuri I went today! 

They were on sale outside Kozo Sushi (a chain sushi restaurant). Only 50yen apiece~! 
Why are they so cheap? I suppose they are leftover free gifts when Kozo Sushi collaborated with San-x a while ago. These bowls are of very very good quality! Weeee! 

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