Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bath Salts Loot

Jogged today and felt sooo good!  Gonna keep it up! 

This post is about bath salts, even though I am more of a shower-person than a bath-person. Personally I think taking a long bath in the tub is a waste of time and also a waste of water. And most of us in Singapore live in apartments with no tubs in the bathrooms, so it's just shower-and-go for us. 

But soaking in the tub is a HUGE thing in Japan. My host-family parents tell me that they have to soak in the tub everyday, even in summer, for at least 10 minutes a day.  It is an important part of the Japanese lifestyle. 

So, since I'm living in Japan, I will embrace the culture of tub-soaking! 

I love the bakkantou (爆汗湯) seires, especially the ones with fats-burning effects.  

I really sweated like crazy! 

Here are the rest of the Bakkantou series. 

The fats-burning ones that I bought. 

Volcanic mud and white mud spa packs. 

For beautiful skin. 

Shichimi ( - 7 flavoured chilli peppers) bath salt. 

Bakkantou Cool for summer. 

Newest release. 
Creamy bubble Bakkantou! 

I want to try all of them!  

Oh and this alcohol-scented bath salt is quite a disappointment...
菊正宗 (Kikumasamune) is one of the biggest sake and shochu maker in Japan, and 熱燗 (atsukan) is my favourite way to drink sake. Warmed, that is.  I thought it would be heaven if I could soak myself in an entire tub of atsukan, but...meh, I will just go to the izakaya and drink the real deal hahaha.,  says Alcoholic Meow. 

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