Saturday, October 8, 2011

School Cultural Festival in Japan

In the afternoon, I got my hair done at the salon and was on my way home.  I noticed this nearby high school was having its annual Cultural Festival (文化祭 - Bunkasai). 


The school is rather posh-looking and I often wonder how the inside looks like everytime I passed by it. So I popped in for a quick lookie and ended up spending a good 2 hours in there. 

Feeling a bit hungry, my first stop was the food stores. 

It was a good crowd today, with parents and students milling about and looking for something interesting to do. And of course you have your regular visitors like nosey me who jumped at the chance of venturing into the unknown (school building) to finally get a peek. 

Like every other school festivals, each class takes up the responsibility of planning and executing an activity, a store, a game booth or an exhibition. 

Exteriors of the classrooms are pimped up to the max! 
This class did a Halloween-themed games thing. 

Plenty of games for the whole family. 

Students walking around with signboards to publicise activities under their charge. 
 Yes, 'Muscle Museum'. 

Boys deciding which booth to head to next and lady resting in a corner. 
(totally random photo) 

 Horror is a popular theme since Halloween is around the corner. 

Spotted 2 JKs (joshi-kousei - high school girls) queuing to visit the haunted house. Loose socks still in?

Watched a demostration of the harmful effects of earthquakes. 

My golden ticket to enter into the world of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! 

Even the walls and floors of the classroom were made to look like chocolates. 

I had a bit of fun myself exploring the booths and participating in the activities. Took part (shamelessly) in this 'Treasure Hunter' game (meant for kids) and had to complete several tasks before getting some candy hahaha. 

...What?! I happen to like candy, in case you don't!     

First task is to play 'Scissors Paper Stone' with their class reps. 
Winner gets to hit loser's head with a hammer plushie. Tub available for loser as makeshift helmet....

...which I needed to use many times. 


Ok on to the next task! 

Ever played this game in the arcades? 
Score points by hitting the crocodiles, manually operated by humans. See the legs under the desks?

Lastly, arm-wrestle with their toughest representatives! 
Yeah, I lost to a 14 year-old boy.  What???? He was STRONG ok! 

I got my candy anyways, hee! 

Headed to the Senior High School section to watch a fantastic production of 'The Wizard of Oz'. 
Mmm, boy on the right. 

These kids really put a lot of thoughts and efforts into the performance - the props and sets and everything! I enjoyed it so much! 

There were bazaars too, selling old and new items. 
I got these books for only 400yen at the 2nd-hand books market ran by the library club. 

Before heading home, visitors could vote for their favourite classroom booth. I voted for The Wizard of Oz! 

I had such a fun time! This is the best bunkasai I have been to as yet! Such high standards and students showed such enthusiasm!  I wish we had such fun events back in my school days in Singapore! 

Ok bye! 

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