Saturday, October 22, 2011

Kagurazaka 神楽坂

One day me and my lovely Korean friend M decided to walk 2 hours from Nakano to Kaguzaraka, just for fun.    It was good exercise! 

Kagurazaka is a neighbourhood in Tokyo, with Iidabashii as the nearest station. It has many oshare little cafes and eateries offering Japanese and French cuisine. 

There are also many winding backstreets filled with olden Japanese atmosphere.   

We found a soba restaurant called Hamaya and it sells the best soba I have ever tasted. The friendly owner runs the restaurant all by himself and he is so nice! He gave us free dessert! 

M's cool t-shirt - laugh with all my friends all over the world. 
I love M very much! 

The only Fujiya in Japan that sells Pekochan-yaki - pancakes shaped like Pekochan. 

Delicious but creepy-looking ペコちゃん焼き. 


神楽坂, I will be back again. 

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