Saturday, October 30, 2010

BBQ Party, Haircut and Loot-of-the-Day

The weather was not as bad as I thought it would be. It was just rain and strong wind, but not that scary. And according to the weather forecast, there will be no rain tomorrow! Yay! I can go out! 

There was a BBQ party at our dorm today organised by the neighbourhood International Association. Great food, great company!

Meat party! 

There was 焼きそば (yakisoba - fried noodles) too! 

And I braved the rain to get a haircut! My fringe was way too long, poking my eyes and making me blind.  It was so uncomfortable! And my ends are damaged and dry...I felt like !!! Haha!

New haircut!  I can see now! 
The stylist played around a bit with curling iron and I like the effect on my hair! 

And loot of the day! 
Popped by Matsukiyo for a quick beauty supply stock-up! 

Ok, homework time! 

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