Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kwik-E-Post - Integrity Sweet Potatoes for Sale!

Hello! Just a quick post before I head out to McDonald's for breakfast. They are selling McGriddles for 100yen! That is like SGD1.60! I love McGriddles! But I don't think they are available in Singapore anymore. Yay for Japanese Mac! Woo!

Very often on the sides of the roads, I will see crates of vegetables or fruits, just placed there with no one looking after. These are actually for sale to anyone, and you can put your money (in this case of sweet potatoes, 100yen) in the can, and take your pick of vegetables! 

I call them 'Integrity Sweet Potatoes'! 

I assume that these veggies are harvested from someone's backyard or something. Or maybe the random little farms that are found in various parts of town. There is a little cabbage patch near my dorm and I often wonder who is looking after it. 

Since there are no one looking after, wouldn't there be people who are tempted to just take the items and run away? I guess it doesn't happen very often, since I still see these crates of veggies and fruits laying around. 

It's all about Integrity! 

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