Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kwik-E-Post - Dog-walking and Apartment-viewing

Hello! I had a busy but fruitful day! Quite sleepy right now, but I vowed to blog at least once a day, so here is a Kwik-E-Post!

Lady trying to cycle with 2 dogs. 

Talk about multi-tasking! This lady was cycling, walking 2 dogs and holding on to a big bag of groceries all at the same time. Her leek fell from her shopping bag, which I kindly picked up and returned to her. Her dogs are so cute! She was off her bike at the moment when this photo was snapped, as it was too crowded with people everywhere. 

And I went apartment-viewing today!

I have always dreamt of having my own little apartment in Tokyo and finally this dream is coming true! Here is a recount of all the apartments I have viewed today. I visited 2 real estate agents and viewed 4 apartments.

Apartment no. 1: Too expensive and too small. I know housing is costly in Tokyo, but the first payment is 100,000yen (SGD1,600) more than what I had expected to pay. Plus point: comes with washing machine and dryer.

Apartment no. 2: Pretty room, but the moment I opened the window, I had a rude shock. It was just an arm's length to the roof terrace of the next building! Can you imagine how short the distance is? It means that some weird guy can easily peep into my room, or simply CLIMB OVER! ( ̄□ ̄;)

And when I stepped into Apartment no. 3, I knew I was in love and the search was over!

How 'bout a sneak peek! 
That briefcase belongs to the real estate agent, not mine. He's real nice! ^^

It is so clean and white and sparkly! And it is affordable! The security system is good and there is a nice view from the window. I just felt so comfortable when I was in the room. And it is very near my campus!  

Apartment no. 4: Let's not even talk about it. 4th floor and no elevator

The dorm that I am staying in now is not bad and the neighbours are all my friends, but I can't say that it is very comfortable here. I need more space and privacy! I keep bumping into everything in the dorm room. And I get backaches from just washing my face at the basin cos it is so low. =( 

Hope everything goes well with the apartment! Wish me luck! Goodnight!

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