Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Loot of the Day!

Hello! How was everyone's evening? I spent the evening just chilling out in my room and enjoying the cool breeze. It is 19 degrees celcius now and it is really nice!

Anyway, here is a Loot-of-the-Day post. I always love to take photos of the stuff I bought. Some of the stuff can be pretty random and unimportant, but this is a good way for me to track my spending pattern here in Japan.

Magazines from Tsutaya, a book and CD store near my dorm. 

I bought Spring, Steady, Ryu Ryu, Nicola (yes I am obsessed with Japanese teen mags) and a Doraemon book. The Doraemon book is filled with the secrets of the characters, including their personal info and pet peeves! A good buy for Dora fans like me!

Ichikami Shampoo and Conditioner Set. 

Oooh! I have to write about this! This set is 期間限定 (Kikan Gentei - only available for a limited period), and it costs only 798yen! That is SGD13 for these 2 big 550ml bottles! Ichikami products contain Japanese plants and flowers essence such as sakura extract and tsubaki extract, which nourishes the hair. It smells so good and I luuurrvvee the packaging! 

Beautylabo hair treatment, detergent, and Dove shower foam with berries and limes extract. 

I buy all my toiletries from a Matsumoto Kiyoshi store in the neighbourhood and I have already signed up for its points card! 

Fancy-schmancy toilet paper! 

I was dying to try this when I first saw it a few days ago. It's so pretty and soft and 3 ply! THREE! The crappy ones at the dorm and most public loos are only 1 ply and tear easily. And this one smells of roses! My butt will smell like roses! Ha! 

And my star buy of the day - Marie Cotton Pads at 100yen! 

I like Marie and I could keep the box after the cotton pads are used up. I thought the cotton pads were just pink and oh-ok-that's-cute-but-whatever, however......

The cotton pads are HEART-SHAPED! 

Omgomgomg how cute is that?!?!?! 

This definitely appeals to the vain simpleton that I am!


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