Monday, October 25, 2010

My Makku - German Sausage Burger

Finally, a My Makku post! 

I have been waiting very eagerly for the German Sausage Burger since I got to know about it, and today, I finally had a taste of it! 

On my way to Mac. It was 5pm and already this dark! 

Oh can't wait can't wait can't wait! Let me see how you look like! (I sometimes talk to food.)

I was greeted by this!  
Oh my! Look at that fluffy bun, melty mozzarella cheese and thick chicken cutlet! 

Incredibly juicy-looking! But how would it taste? 

VERDICT: köstlich! 
(It means delicious in German. I learned a new word today, Mum!) 

The chicken cutlet was very juicy and nicely deep fried. The bologna sausage was flattened into a thick patty and it was really MEATY. I love meat! 

Hidden surprise! A layer of pickled cabbage with a delicious tangy sauce! Yummers! 

The German sausage lived up to my expectations as a meat lover and I would definitely eat it again, but not everyday as it's quite expensive! It costs 360yen (SGD5.70) for the burger alone. With fries and a small drink, it costs 680yen. I ordered the burger and bought a small chocolate milkshake for 100yen. Good dinner! 

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