Friday, October 15, 2010

Rilakkuma Madness in Kichijoji (Super Image Heavy)

It was Rilakkuma Madness in Kichijoji! 

Today is the Grand Opening of Rilakkuma Store in the newly opened coppice shopping mall in Kichijoji. And I was there to experience the madness of it all! 

There was a routine medical checkup for all foreign students in school today. And being the kiasu Singaporean that I am, I was first in line (hahaha). I also went to the International Affairs office to settle some guarantor thingie for my apartment, and after that it was FULL SPEED AHEAD to Kichijoji! 

Grand opening of coppice. 

Rilakkuma Store is located on the 6th floor of the shopping mall coppice. The whole of the 6th floor is called 'キャラパークー' (Kyara Paakuu - Character Park), which features shops selling character goods such as Snoopy, Hello Kitty, Miffy, Blythe and of course...


But the madness was really unimaginable. I got to coppice at 11.15am, and I happily rode the escalator to 5th floor, thinking of the loot that I would be able to get. But there was actually a QUEUE just to go up to the 6th floor where Kyara Paakuu is! 

I stood in line for 30 mins before I could get to Kyara Paakuu. 

Queue stretched all the way to the staircase. 

The queue in front of me. Don't you people have to work or something???? It's Friday afternoon! 

Just look at the mob behind me. 
And everyone had a crazed look on their faces. Or maybe it's just me. 

So finally I was up in Kyara Paakuu and I was searching frantically for the Rilakkuma Store, hoping to quickly get my grubby paws on the goods. 

And there it is! 

But ZOMG, there was ANOTHER QUEUE to get into Rilakkuma Store! And the queue extended all the way from the 6th floor to the 1st floor! Can you believe it????? 

Sign indicating the end of the queue. Yup 1st floor alright. 

And so I spent another hour queuing up. I could see the hopelessness and tiredness on everyone's faces as we thought the limited edition items must be sold out. 

But luckily there were members of the staff to offer us sweets and tea to ease our pain. Such thoughtfulness! 

Service with a lovely smile! I respect that! 

And tea to quench our thirst. So thoughtful! 

Spirits were high again when we heard this stylish young staff announcing that there was enough limited edition goods for all. Yay! ^^

And finally...

I made it alive into the Rilakkuma Store! 


Ok get ready for a photoflood of cute Rilakkuma items! 

Cute Rilakkuma socks and shorts. 

Hmm what could this be? 

Omg it's a spectacles stand! Should I get one for Grubs? 

A cute Rilakkuma staff-chan! 


Ooo who can that be? 

Haha it's Kiiro Tori dressed as a pink fluffy squirrel. And what's with the eyebag??? 


Special plush toy to commemorate the grand opening! Limited! 

Gotta hang it in my apartment! 


Rilakkuma bathtime goods. 


Bag holders. 

Toilet seat covers! I wouldn't bear to use them! 

Cute staff-chan holding the exclusive tote bags. 

Gotta get one for my new apartment. I love typing that! MY NEW APARTMENT. Hahaha! 

Halloween plush toys. 

Kiiro Tori in a Halloween suit. Hahaha so cute! 

Tower Records Rilakkumas. 

Rilakkuma looking smug. 

Kiiro Tori looking ridiculously cute in a poncho. 

Wow! Must get! (But I didn't. Maybe next time.) 

Pretty Rilakkuma lunch boxes. 

Rilakkuma brollies! 

Blotting paper and hand treatment cream. Rilakkuma has a line of beauty products! 

Rilakkuma helmets hahahaha. 

Ties for salarymen! 


Stay tuned for my loot-of-the-day Rilakkuma Special! 

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