Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hello Halloween Pumpkin Parade in Harajuku (Super Image Heavy)

Hello! I have many photos to share with everyone today!

I went to Horrorjuku (haha, bad pun, I mean Harajuku) to view the Hello Halloween Pumpkin Parade. What an eye-opener!

Full of kids and parents! 

The Hello Halloween Pumpkin Parade is an annual event where many kids dress up and parade along Omotesando road. This year is the 28th time that the parade was held and I was there to witness the event!

Here are some photos I took before the parade started. 

The cutest little Sulley from Monsters' Inc! 

Even spectators dressed up all the way! 

Getting ready for the parade. 

Look who I spotted! 

Captain Jack Sparrow and the Mad Hatter! 

Rare photo-op with 2 of Johnny Depp's characters. 

Cute random dog. 
Sleeping Tigger. 

Another cute random dog. 

Even the security officers have to dress up to some extent. 

They are called the 'Guardian Angels'! Look how cool they are! 

Oh the parade has started!!! 

I raced to the very front of the parade and began my mad photo-snapping! 

A police car cleared the path for the parade. 

The whole road was blocked for the parade! 

The parade was headed by professional performers and dancers. 

And there was a barracuda band making lots of festive noises! 

This chicken is so funny! 

My star of the show - Lupin III! 

He's a great dancer! 

Look at that agility! 


Beautiful Victorian costumes for mother and kid! 

Goth kids. Cannot look happy, must look emo. 

What a cute family! I like the mum's costume, evil Red Riding Hood. 

Sorceror Mickey! 

You don't see this on the streets everyday. 

Ninja and Pirate. 


Cute pumpkin kid. 

Dogs joined in the parade too! 

Na'vi from Avatar. 

So blue! Her hairstyle is great!

Supporters of 2010 Women's Volleyball tournament. 

Spot any characters you know? 

Sylvanian Families! 


Pretty mummy. 

I like the girl's red outfit. 

Bunch of kids stalking the Leprecaun. 

Pumpkinhead Skeleton and baby. 

I love this family's Alice-in-Wonderland-themed outfits! 3 adorable Alices! 

A fat Chopper from One Piece!

Various expressions on the little girls' faces. 


The cutest dogs! 

Luffy from One Piece. 
I called out 'Luffy!' and he turned and posed for me! 

I shouted for Mario too! 

I took a few photos of Takeshita Dori but I will save them for the next post! 

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