Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Food Special!

Happy Halloween everybody! 

Halloween is a big thing in Japan! Just by looking at the amount of special Halloween 'versions' of food, you know that the Japanese are serious!

Here are some photos of Halloween-themed food and snacks that I would like to share! Some are shamelessly shot in supermarkets and departmental stores, some are of items purchased by me. Enjoy!

I love looking at displays on the food floor of departmental stores. 

Pumpkin flavoured jellybeans! 

Pumpkin pudding. Yummers! 

The pumpkins are from Hokkaido! 

Koala biscuits and Toppo in Halloween packaging. 

And of course my favourite caramel pudding mini kitkats! 

I finished two bags of these on my own! Bought a third bag but that is reserved for Grubby when he comes to Tokyo. It's in the fridge now and I try not to think about it too much in case I lose control! 

Was at Harajuku today and passed by Takeshita-Dori, which is also famous for its crepes! Takeshita-Dori is said to be the place where Japanese-styled crepes first appeared. Every few steps you take, there is a crepe store! 

Ordered my Pumpkin Pumpkin Crepe. 
Pumpkin pudding, pumpkin ice-cream, pudding-caramel sauce and fresh whipped cream, all wrapped in one heavenly goodness. The one that is sold out is the pumpkin creme brulee, which I really wanted to try. It's alright, I have next year! Teehee! 

Staff making my crepe.  

The pumpkin pudding is so soft and sweet! I love it! 

Accidentally chewed off a corner of the wrapper. Damn! Happy Halloween! 

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