Friday, October 29, 2010

Rainy Day and Recent Loots

It rained for the whole of yesterday and it was so depressing! And there is a typhoon alert for the weekend! I hope Typhoon Chaba (yes that's its name, cute huh?) does not stay in Tokyo for long, but there will definitely be a lot of rain and wind. So I am just going to stay at the dorm to be safe! 

It is getting colder as November approaches, and my flimsy Converse jacket just won't do! So I ran to the stores yesterday to get myself a new coat.

A Military Jacket! 

I have always wanted a military jacket, after seeing it appeared thousands of times in magazines, and it never seems to go out of style! I was very much convinced that I should get one after reading these magazine spreads. 

Featured in Steady Nov 2010. 

A spread in Sweet Nov 2010. 

I am very pleased with my purchase! It keeps me warm and goes great with any clothes! And it is waterproof! Speaking of waterproofing...

Wellington boots and my new brolly. 

Don't you love my new brolly????  I know! I LOVE IT TOO! And I am so glad I brought the wellington boots with me to Tokyo. I bought them from Fossil in USA. The owls are just too cute! 

Thinking that I might be stuck in the dorm for the entire weekend, I rushed to the supermarket after school today to get food supplies! 

Bread, instant udon and snacks! I am going to survive on these! And I have my yucky 'Green Juice' from Fancl as veggies substitutes! 

Popped by the Rilakkuma store at coppice to get my collagen supplements. I was reminiscing how I queued for 2 hours just to get into the store when it first opened and now I could just breeze in like I own the place!

Collagen and Rilakkuma RE-MENT series. 

The people at RE-MENT are geniuses! No Rilakkuma fan can resist these! 

And I got a super big shopping bag today! 

This forest seems to be very delicious. 

Other side. 

And there was a flyer inside the shopping bag to advertise new prizes for UFO catchers. 
I suck at UFO catchers, so I don't ever bother at all! 

Happy with my loot! Haha!

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