Monday, October 18, 2010

Koganei Nakayoshi Shimin Matsuri (Super Image Heavy) - Part 2

And the highlight of the entire Matsuri....

 小金井阿波踊り Koganei Awa Odori 

The Awa Odori is a traditional Japanese dance that is performed in festivals. Dancers are dressed in traditional dance costumes, and chant and sing as they parade through the park.

3 dance troupes performed today. I was very excited to witness my first Awa Odori and took lots of photos! 

First troupe - Musashi Minami Ren 

This little one is so cute! 

The dance is accompanied by traditional Japanese instruments. 

Second troupe - Hotaru Ren 

2 very handsome little drummer boys! 

Third Troupe - Kurenai Ren 

Beautiful ladies of Kurenai

I like their costumes the best! Pink! 

After the entrance procession, the 3 troupes went on stage respectively to perform energetic dances. 

This would have been a better shot if the guy's eyes were not shut!

Graceful girls! 

A lively elderly man, whom I assumed is the troupes' conductor. 

To me, this boy is the star of the show! He kept looking into my camera and posing for me! 

So very agile! 

I approached my favourite dancer to ask for a photo and he volunteered this pose for me! Look at that shy little smile on his face! So cute! 

All the 3 troupes. 

The 3 troupes together in the exit procession. 

What a wonderful experience! I enjoyed the Awa Odori tremendously! This is what a Matsuri is all about! 

More performances were on the way! 

I don't know what this performance is called, but it is like some sort of traditional comedy show. 

Very comical! 

There was a little one! 

Photo opportunity! 

So that was it, my first Matsuri experience in Japan! 

The Koganei local Matsuri is an yearly affair, and I will definitely be back next year! 

One last look at the Matsuri before I head home, and I had a stomachache due to over-eating! 

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