Monday, October 11, 2010

Health and Sports Day and Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony

Today is Health and Sports Day (体育の日 - Taiiku no hi) in Japan and it is a public holiday. It commemorates the Summer Olympics held in Tokyo in 1964, and of course it serves to promote a healthy and active lifestyle for all.

So, I went jogging today! Ok, brisk walking, whatever. But still, I had a good 30 minutes workout by walking around the campus and it felt really good! It was my first exercise session here in Tokyo and I hope to keep it up!

Earlier in the day, I visited the Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony 2010 held in Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum located in Kogenei city.

The Japanese traditional tea ceremonies (茶道 - Chadowere all performed by real professionals. Today at the event, there were the indoor tea ceremonies which were more formal and mostly for the tea enthusiasts. We went to the outdoor tea ceremony called the 野点 (Nodate) that is more casual and therefore put us aliens more at ease. It was interesting nevertheless and the elderly lady who performed the chado was so elegant!

A Nodate - Outdoor Tea Ceremony

Look at that grace and elegance!

Traditional Japanese confectionary (和菓子 - Wagashiwere served to the guests before tea. 

Made from a sweet bean paste. Yummeh! 

Serving tea to the guests. 

After viewing the Chado ceremony, I am so inspired! I want to be elegant and graceful! I think there is a Chado club in my school and I am so gonna join them! 

And after that, we explored the park and found a little carnival that has food and traditional games. 

A stall selling Yakitori
My friend gave me her stick of grilled chicken skin cos she finds it gross. And it was delicious! 

An elderly couple selling Takoyaki

KFC in a matsuri is just ridiculous. 

A traditional Japanese game called Takeuma (竹馬 - Bamboo Horse). It's like stilts. 

This lady is really good at it! I would probably fall right smack on the ground. 

Boys playing with spinning tops. 

Competing to see who can hit the others' mini tops off. Look at the concentration of the boys' faces! 

I don't know what this is called, but it involves a metal wheel and a stick, obviously *snort snort*. 

We stopped by the preserved House of the Leader of the Hachioji Guards. 

A kid trying to start a fire the ancient way. 

Lots of greenery in the park for the whole family to enjoy. 

Chilling out in the field. 

Training their kid to be the next Tiger Woods? ^^

And at the entrance of the museum, I saw the hugest poodle I have ever seen! 
Look at the tiny one in contrast to it! 

The Edo-Tokyo Open-air Architectural Museum is really an interesting place to visit with your family. It houses about 30 buildings preserved from the Edo period and exhibitions and events such as the Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony are held often. I wish I had more time to fully explore the whole place!


Edo-Tokyo Open-air Architectural Museum (江戸東京たてもの園)
3-7-1 Sakuracho, Koganei, Tokyo 184-0005 (in Koganei Park) 

And we went for Kaiten Sushi (回転寿司 - Sushi on conveyor belt) for lunch!

Yum! I ate 6 plates! 

I know Kaiten Sushi is pretty common in Singapore, but the sushi here taste so much better! And there are also many interesting types of sushi to choose from, such as Squid with Shiso Leaf, Short Pork Rib and my personal favourite (and also last photo of the day)....

...Shrimp with Avocado and lots of lots of ONIONS!!!! 

Ok, bye! 

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