Saturday, October 30, 2010

Quick Update!

Quick update on my daily life! School days have been good! My earliest lesson starts at 10.30am, so I could sleep till at least 9.30am everyday! But usually I wake up a bit earlier to revise my school work cos I am a good student.  And also because I am the weakest one in my Japanese class!  I want to quickly improve and excel at it! 

And I got the key to my new apartment! Yay!  I can't wait to move in soon but there is a lot of stuff to be done and it will take up some time. First of all, I need to get the essential furniture and electronic items such as a bed, curtains, fridge, washing machine and lights! And I have to get the internet connection set up, but before that I have to call the utilities company. Oh so many chores to be completed! But I am very much looking forward to it all! 

Here's what I did today! 

Had early breakfast at Makku and watched the world go by. 

Met my girlfriend for morning karaoke before going to school! It was so cheap, 600yen for 2.5 hrs! 

My little electronic dictionary broke down and I need a new one desperately! I could only rely on google translate when I do my homework and that is very inefficient! I am hoping to get a good one real soon, but...'s gonna cost me! 

 Please pardon my excessive use of 絵文字 for this post. I just found a fantastic website that features many cute emonji (emoticons) such as these  and I can't wait to use them! 


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