Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Loot of the Day and Little Delights

Took the Japanese Placement Test in school today. Hopefully I will be assigned to a class that is suitable for my level. I really want to brush up my Japanese language and be good at it!

Anyway, after the test, I walked to a Marui departmental store near the campus and bought some stuff from Loft. Here is my loot of the day!

Nails stuff and L'oreal Revitalift White Serum. 

My nails look like crap now. I get very sheepish when I take photos of something I am holding and my nails show up looking short and jagged and ugly! Hopefully I will have better nails to show everyone soon!

And here are some little delights of the day! 

This morning, while I was walking to school, two buses full of school children drove by and some of the kids waved to me! I happily waved back and they were so delighted! I guess they were surprised to get a reaction from a random passer-by. 

My attempt to snap a photo of them. Bad timing cos a cleaning truck passed by. =(

I am not a kid-friendly person in general, but these children are just too cute. And they remind me of the times I brought my students out for field trips and learning journeys and we always had so much fun on the bus! 

What a great way to start the day! And I topped it off with a healthy breakfast!

Green Salad and Yuzu Soya Sauce purchased from the school co-op. 

Veggies are your friends! Woot!

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  1. i love the 'nail cocktail"!!! if matthias coming over, can u bring him to buy for me?!?! :p