Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pink Ribbon In Tokyo

After 2 weeks of settling down, lessons in school have finally started yesterday! I am taking Japanese language classes, Japanese studies classes, and some specialized classes concerning my research. School is great so far and I am meeting new friends everyday! I am enjoying my campus life! ^^

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so I thought I will do a post on Pink Ribbon in Tokyo.

I was riding the train that day and this advert caught my eye.

 And the whole train was filled with ads on raising awareness about breast cancer, and also reminding women to do their checks regularly, and how early detection can save lives.

To grab people's attention in Japan, a cute mascot is inevitable. 
In this case, Momo from PostPet! 

In Singapore, 1 in every 17 women are affected with breast cancer. I had a breast cancer scare before, but it turns out to be a benign fibroadenoma. I still keep myself in check all the time. In Japan, breast cancer affects 1 in every 16 women, hence the Pink Ribbon campaign hopes to heighten the awareness. 

Actually, I am surprised to see a more conservative society like Japan to talk about breast cancer openly in public. I mean, some people may still feel a little awkward seeing the word 'BREAST' splashed all over the train. But it is good that the authorities are being receptive and open-minded to pressing concerns such as this. 

Everywhere in the train. 

There was a 'Pink Ribbon Smile Walk' held in Tokyo on 2nd October. Too bad I missed it! Momo from PostPet took part in the walk and here are some photos I snagged from her (I assume that Momo is a girl) blog! 

I wish I could join in the walk with Momo! I shall do so next year! 

There is also the illumination event at various parts of Tokyo, such as the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, Omotesando Hills and Rainbow Bridge! I think I will pop by this weekend to see them! 

Light-up at Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. 

Omotesando Hills. 

Rainbow Bridge. 

Banners on the streets. 

So ladies, do your checks and spread the word! 

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