Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Host Family Home Visit!

Hi! I got home late yesterday and was a bit tipsy. Haha. Had my very first home visit to my host family's house yesterday!

My host-parents (or rather, host-grandparents) are both in their seventies and they love to interact with foreign students like myself. They have hosted quite a number of foreign students in the recent years, and I am the first from Singapore!

Host-grandpa brews his own beer!!! It is something that he does as a hobby, but host-grandma does not drink at all, so he was very glad when he found someone that can drink with him (me)!

Delicious home-brewed beer made from wheat. It was not foamy and I liked that! It had a slight stout taste thus making it stronger than the usual pale malt beer. 

My first authentic home-cooked meal in Japan. 

My host-grandma is a great cook! She uses fresh ingredients and simple seasonings to bring out the flavour and nutrients of the food. I wish I could eat this everyday! 

I was especially touched when I saw the little flask of orchids on the table. The orchid is Singapore's national flower and she added this nice little touch on our dinner table, just for me. 。・゚゚・(>_<;)・゚゚・。

We chatted for hours and I played the ukulele and sang to them. My host-grandparents then showed me their travel photo albums and they are such seasoned travelers! The number of countries they have been to is unimaginable! Of course they have been to hot tourist spots like Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, and they have even been to Tunisia, Pakistan, Morocco, Nepal and other exotic places! 

I want to travel and see the world too!

Cocktail that host-grandpa made for me. It's called Japanese Sling, named after the famous cocktail Singapore Sling. Haha! 

I had such a great time with them and my host-grandparents are so sweet! I am going to visit them soon again! Hopefully I can learn some authentic Japanese dishes from host-grandma! 

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