Thursday, October 21, 2010

October Magazine Freebies

One thing I really love about living in Japan is the amount of magazines I can buy at a lower price than in Singapore! And in the recent years, Japanese magazines (mostly fashion mags) come with freebies and some are items from well-known brands and are quite good in quality.

These are the magazines I bought in October which come with freebies. I have to admit that sometimes I am inclined to buy the magazine because I want that particular freebie. What can I say? I love freebies!

Mag: Nicola 
Freebie: Small pouch from Liz Lisa Doll

I have a weird obsession for Japanese teen mags! They are so fun to read! 

Mag: Spring 
Freebie: Jill Stuart tote bag and Swati keychain 

It's pretty spacious. I could fit the whole magazine (slightly bigger than A4) inside the bag and also put in my  everyday items. But it is made of those rucksack material and gives a cheap feel. Haha. 

Mag: Steady 
Freebie: HbG bag 

This HbG bag is so cute! But it gets misshapened so easily and it's a bit frustrating. 

Mag: Hitorigurashi Tokoton Tanoshimu! 
Freebie: Pouch from Natural Kitchen 

Good quality and cute design! I bought this mag to get myself prepared for my new apartment! Can't wait to furnish and decorate my own place! ^^

Mag: Rilakkuma Fan 
Freebie: Rilakkuma small tote bag and plushie keychain 

The tote bag is too small for any use! And the quality is again the lousy rucksack material and looks really cheap and filmsy. But the plushie keychain is really cute and it is already hung on my bag! 

And my favourite freebie of all...

Mag: Non-no
Freebie: To * b by Agnes B Big tote bag! 

Can put in a whole lot of stuff! The mag itself, my file, water bottle, pashmina stole can all be stuffed into the bag easily. 

It's my everyday bag now! 

I bring it to school everyday and it's spacious and sturdy! ^^ 

Love freebies! 

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